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Because the Artesis system is simple to install and requires little user intervention in operation, it combines low start-up costs with the significant benefits of predictive maintenance. Since it doesn’t require any sensor installation on the equipment itself, and it can be installed in non-EX areas, Artesis eMCM is a particularly good solution for inaccessible equipment in the metal industry.

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Typical applications where you can monitor either electrical, mechanical and process conditions:

A very important factor in the production of pharmaceuticals is controlling environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and airflow rate. Monitor the air handling units with Artesis technology to ensure the levels of these parameters are controlled according to requirements. This includes monitoring the supply and extraction fans with the motors that drive them.

Also, this monitoring technology allows monitoring any load increase due to leakage of hot water or steam used for heating, and/or leakage of chilled water used for cooling and air conditioning systems. Of course, monitoring gas boilers or gas turbines, boiler feed pumps, ID/FD fans and related support equipment used in those systems is also possible and recommended.

Although sometimes ignored due to size and number in the production line, small pumps and motor-driven mixers and agitators from the batch reactors can result in a batch lost due to a failure that could be prevented. Artesis simplifies the work of monitoring these machines without the need of introducing wiring and equipment or sensors in direct contact to the line.

Also, monitor any conveying systems to make sure the manufacturing process runs smoothly from one station to the other.

For the manufacturing process, there is more service equipment needed, such as water for injection systems and deionized water systems. Monitor feeding and supply pumps running within these systems with Artesis monitoring units and remember you will be able to detect both mechanical and electrical problems, including misalignment, loose foundation, bearing faults, load fluctuations, among others.


In any metal production facility, there is service equipment that needs to be monitored. Artesis technology allows to monitor this equipment without the need of reaching them to install any kind of sensors. Monitor cooling towers, air compressors and water treatment pumps.

In addition, the metal industry also involves other production methods, such as injection molding and machining. All of them involve moving parts and rotating equipment that need to be monitored, including machine tools and conveying systems. Make sure to use the best monitoring system.


Dirty Filter Problem of a Rolling Mill Fume Fan

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This section elaborates on the details of a plugged filter detection by the Artesis early warning system at a steel manufacturing plant. The equipment monitored by the MCM is a rolling mill fume fan which discharges dust-laden air out of the factory via a filter.



MCM started to warn the user by giving a “Watch Load” alarm on 15th April.

The examination of the motor current trend shows that the motor current had been gradually decreasing since 17th November. This indicates that the filter blockage started on that date and had been gradually deteriorating to the point where it exceeded the MCM alarm level on 15th April.

That drop off in current shows that the fan had not been extracting the desired volume of air, and hence the ventilation in the plant would be below design levels.

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The maintenance team attempted to clean the filter with compressed air on 25th April, but it was not fully successful. MCM started giving a “Watch Load” alert again after just one month of operation.

The team changed the filter completely on 20th August. After that, MCM stopped giving alert signals and the motor current reverted to its nominal value.